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Tree Services & More in Farmington Hills

You can depend on the team at Clean Cut Tree Experts for all of your outdoor needs. Whether you require our services on your commercial or residential property, we have you covered! Check out our services below. If you would like to get started on your next project, be sure to contact us to get started with a free estimate today.

Man trimming trees

Tree Trimming, Shaping, & Topping

Are your trees overgrown, hanging too low, or could simply benefit from some TLC? We professionally trim and shape your trees to keep them looking lush, as well as promote healthy growth in the long run. Trimming, shaping, and topping trees provide a clean-cut look and ensure easier maintenance throughout seasons to come.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

From the largest trees to the absolute smallest, we offer comprehensive tree removal for commercial and residential properties. We safely, professionally, and very thoroughly remove these trees if they are damaged, diseased, obstructing a view, or in the way of another construction project.

Home with Shrubs

Shrub Trimming & Shaping

In addition to our tree trimming and shaping services, we are also available to do the same for your shrubs! Our shrubbery expertise gives any landscaping a fresh new look. We will leave your bushes looking beautiful and designed just how you like them.

Shrub Removal

Shrub Removal

If your shrubs are far overgrown and causing you too much trouble to be worth it, we offer shrub removal as well. We also take care of damaged or sickly shrubs and preparing the space for other construction projects or landscaping.

Lot Clearing

Lot Clearing

Construction, landscaping, and other outdoor projects are an exciting investment you will be enjoying for years to come. Prepare your jobsite with comprehensive lot clearing from Clean Cut Tree Experts! We get rid of stumps, roots, shrubs, trees, and more, leaving a clear, flat surface to work with.

Storm Damage

Storm Damage

We offer comprehensive storm damage cleanup to remove fallen branches, trees, leaves, and other unsightly debris. Trust the experts on our team to restore the look of your property after heavy rain, wind, snow, or lightning.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stumps are not always aesthetically pleasing, and they are often in the way of other construction or landscaping projects. We offer complete stump grinding to get rid of these troublesome stumps and restore the clear, green look of your lawn.

Green Grass

Spikefree Climbing

Our specialists at Clean Cut Tree Experts have experience with spike free climbing to ensure optimal care of your trees. Without using spikes to climb them, the trunks will be free from marks and deep nicks. We can easily reach any level with our tree climbing expertise!

Commercial Snow and Tree Trucks, Equipment

Commercial Snow Removal

Snow removal is available for commercial spaces, including office buildings, storefronts, warehouses, workshops, and more. Allow us to clear out your driveways, parking lots, walkways, steps, and other areas to provide a safer experience for your employees and guests.

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Free Estimates

Clean Cut Tree Experts offers free estimates on all of the services we have to offer. We understand that no two projects are the same. We don’t believe in “one price fits all,” because we won’t skimp on your services. Our estimates provide an accurate, realistic, and reasonable idea as to what you can expect from us.

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